Lab#3 Separation of a Mixture of Solids Essay

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Title: Lab #3 Separation of a Mixture of Solids Purpose: To understand the different separation methods and techniques that depend on the chemical properties of a specific substance. Also to become more comfortable with performing those actions of separation so I have them in the future. For this experiment, I will separate a mixture of four distinct substances: sodium chloride, benzoic acid, silicon dioxide, and iron fillings into pure beings. Procedure: Materials: distilled water coffee cups (2) plastic wrap sheet of paper(2) small saucer paper towels crushed ice 100mL beaker, glass Burner – fuel Burner-stand Cylinder, 25mL Funnel Goggles Digital scale Magnet bar Stirring rod Filter paper Mixture of…show more content…
This was the easiest substance to separate from the others. Sand – it did not dissolve into the water, and was heavy enough to stay at the bottom while the benzoic acid floated to the top during the heating process. It was composed of many different colors and sized rocks, each one unique. But when you looked at them all together, they blended into a beige mound. Table Salt – you could not easily point it out at the beginning mixed with all the other substances. But when put into water, it quickly dissolved while the benzoic acid took much longer. I could not see it until the very end, when all the water had evaporated and all that was left was the tiny crystals of salt. They were a cloudy white, spread out over the bottom of the cup. Benzoic Acid – at first it looked to me like a seashell broken up into little tiny bits. When we heated it in the water it gave off this smell that was somewhere in between Kool-Aid and dirty socks. Some of dissolved in the heat, but when we put it into the ice bath it started crystalizing. After going through the filter and drying completely it looked very different but smelled the same. At the end,, it was more of a grayish purple color and crystals had formed but they were softer, and broke when we poked them with the stirring rod. Benzoic Acid Crystals Iron Filings Results: From the data table above, we can see that in the mixture of solids, there was a different
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