Lab 10 - Physics 101 Essay

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Lindsay Bingham
PHY101 – 18801
Electrical Components and Circuits
Purpose: The objective of this experiment was to analyze light and its relationship between energy and color of the light producing that energy. We also were in charge of measuring the rate at which evaporation occurs for rubbing alcohol depending on the different colored diodes.
* LEDs and circuits (from previous lab) * Pipette (or eyedropper) * Rubbing alcohol * Index card * 9-volt battery * Flashlight * Stopwatch * Small cardboard shoe box
1. Set up an Excel spreadsheet listing variables: evaporation time vs. frequency of LED. 2. Make a three-sided enclosure from the cardboard box. This
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We were asked to look up the frequency of the different colored diodes and the results are presented in a graph.
After plotting the graph to determine the relationship of evaporation rate and frequency of LED, it seemed that the lower the frequency, the less time it took for the alcohol to evaporate. Although, the green LED bulb was an outlier, the rest of the values (on average) met this relationship.
The theory behind this experiment was to use previous learning of light and frequency to determine how fast alcohol evaporates when certain colored lights shine on it. The wavelength and frequency of light are inversely proportional, and wavelength decreases from red to violet. The goal is to investigate the relationship between the frequency of light (color) and the energy produced by different colors of light. The relationship is proportional, as discovered by this activity, and the larger the frequency (such as blue), the longer it takes for the alcohol to evaporate.
The results of the experiment produced known errors. Since we were told to make 10 trials, I decided to do 12. Many of the times, the lights would flicker or not light up completely, especially when working with the green. This is probably why my results produced varied numbers, and why the green LED light was an outlier with the average evaporation time. Some of the times, I accidentally dropped one-too-many drops of alcohol, but I started over and

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