Essay about Lab 8, Mitosis and Meiosis

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Julie Lake
November 8, 2012
BIO 111, C11- Online
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Lab 8
Title: Mitosis and Meiosis
Exercise 1: Mitosis in Animal and Plant Cells
A.) What is the purpose of mitosis?
The purpose of mitosis is to create or produce more cells for a living organism. Mitosis occurs when genetic substance in the nucleus divides or separates in order to create more cells. Cytokinesis normally occurs next and the single cell develops into two separate cells. This same process continues to occur over and over creating more cells for an organism replacing old or dead cells.
B.) What other term is commonly used in place of “mitosis”?
Another commonly used term for “mitosis” is “cell division”, because the division of cells is
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Whitefish Blastula cells:

Onion Root Tip cells:

Exercise 2: Meiosis in Animals
A. Which organ, the ovary or the testes, contained the greater number of gametes?
The organ that contained the greater number of gamets is the testes.
B. What may be a reason for this?
The eggs in the ovary are much larger than the sperm in the testes and it takes numerous sperm trying to get to the egg before one actually does fertilize the egg and most of the sperm die trying.


Exercise 3: Simulating Meiosis
A. What does mitosis accomplish?
The process of mitosis accomplishes replacing old or dying cells in an organism by replicating the DNA and cell division.
B. When and where does mitosis occur?
Mitosis occurs in eukaryotic cells during the interphase of cell division.
C. What does meiosis accomplish? Meiosis has two consecutive cell divisions that produce a total of four genetically different daughter cells.
D. When and where does meiosis occur?
Meiosis occurs in the ovaries and testes or reproduction organs during interphase.
E. How do these two processes differ?
Mitosis creates identical cells to replace old or dying cell tissue while Meiosis occurs in the sexual reproduction organs and creates genetically different cells.
F. How do Prophase in Mitosis and Prophase I in Meiosis differ?
In mitosis chromosomes create two sister

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