Lab Assignment On The Heat Transfer Lab

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Heat Transfer Lab Assignment

Brad Bonner
Mrs. Hsia
August 30, 2017
Question: How does increasing the temperature of water affect the temperature of the entire solution? Hypothesis: If the temperature of the water increases, then the temperature of the entire solution slowly increases because there is an increase in kinetic energy in water, so when thermal equilibrium is reached, the temperature of the solution is higher and the water exchanges the heat with compound Y and the total temperature rises. Materials
• 2 250 mL Erlenmeyer flasks

• 150 mL Distilled Water

• 300 mL of Compound Y

Variables Independent: Temperature of water
Dependent: Temperature of solution
Control: Volume of Water Volume of Compound Y Temperature of Compound Y
1. In the Stockroom, click on the Glassware tab and select a 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask. It will appear on the lab bench.
2. Right click on the flask and then click on Rename. Name this flask “Water”.
3. Return to the Stockroom. Click on the Solutions tab. Add the 3000 mL of Distilled Water container to the lab bench.
4. Click and hold the carboy of Distilled Water and move it over on top of the flask marked "Water." A measurement box will appear. Transfer 50.00 mL of distilled water into the flask. Return to the Stockroom.
5. In the Stockroom, add the Erlenmeyer flask containing 100.00 mL of Compound Y to the lab bench. Assume that Compound Y has a

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