Lab Equipment And Chemical Properties

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The purpose of this lab is broken into two parts. The first is to identify the unknown compound by identifying its physical and chemical properties. Using various tests, the collected can be used to compare compounds to the UWC. The second part of identifying the compound is synthesizing the compound and then testing the created compound. The information gathered from days one and two were used to compare and verify the results.


Given the unknown compound, the goal was to find out exactly what the unknown compound is. By only having 5 grams of the unknown compound, it was necessary not to waste any of it if anything went wrong while conducting various tests. Using the lab equipment and techniques, the flame test, anion test, conductivity test, and the pH test should help figure out what the unknown compound is.

Identifying unknown chemical substances is an extremely important, and scientifically beneficial. Using various tests to identify unknown substances, Scientists can tell whether a substance is easy/difficult to dispose toxic, or highly reactive. In every day life humans can use these techniques to help clean up chemical spills, or even identify the mysterious white foam that forms when cooking rice.


The solubility test was done first to help eliminate some of the possible solutions. When the solubility test was conducted, 5.0 mL of water and 0.5 grams of the unknown compound was used. The 0.5 grams of the unknown compound…
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