Lab Journal on Meiosis and Mitosis

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Name: Data Table: Number of cells in each phase of the cell cycle % of cells in mitosis Inter-phase, Pro-phase, Meta-phase, Ana-phase, and Telo-phase Total Tissue type Normal Lung (20 interphase 1 prophase) 95% interphase 5%prophase Cancerous Lung (18 inter-phase 1 telo-phase 1 ana-phase) 90% rest 10% mitosis Normal Stomach (18 inter-phase, 1 meta-phase, 1 telo-phase) 90% rest 10% mitosis Cancerous Stomach (14 inter-phase, 2 pro-phase, 1 ana-phase, 1 meta-phase, 2 telo-phase) 70% rest 30% mitosis Normal Ovary (17 inter-phase, 2 ana-phase, 1 meta-phase) 85% rest 15% mitosis Cancerous Ovary (12 inter-phase, 1 meta-phase, 2 pro-phase, 2 ana-phase, 3 telo-phase) 60% rest 40% mitosis Journal Questions for this lab: (A) Based on the data in this lab, what can we conclude about the differences between normal cells and cancerous cells? Normal cells undergo mitosis at a much slower rate than cancerous cells. They also multiply oddly and create different forms than that of the normal cells. (B) Which type of cancer shows the most aggressive growth? Expain. There are more cells in telophase for the ovary cancer cells than the stomach or lung. That means that they are at a stage where they have almost finished mitosis and will multiply faster. © When studying cell division in tissue samples, scientists often calculate a mitotic index, which is the ratio of dividing cells to the total number of cells in the sample. Scientists often calculate the mitotic index to

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