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Lesson 2 Lab Worksheet Lab Exercises Lab 1 How TCP/IP Protocols Work through the TCP/IP Model The purpose of this lab is to familiarize the students with the TCP/IP Model and some of the protocols that are used in it. This lab is important to the student because it takes the student through a thought experiment about how data would pass thorough the TCP/IP Model down from the computer and up through the destination computer. By doing this thought experiment the student will come to better understand how different protocols work together to accomplish a specific task. Materials • Word processing document • Textbook Do the Lab Follow…show more content…
Take Note This lab uses Windows 7. If you are using Windows 8, Vista or Windows XP, you will need to make some slight variations to the lab. Materials • word processing document • Computer running Windows 7 Professional Do the Lab The IPCONFIG Command 1. Click the Start button at the bottom left of your Windows 7 Desktop Display in order to bring up the Windows 7 start menu (Figure 2-12). [pic] 2. Type CMD into the Search Programs and Files box at the bottom of the Start Menu and press Enter. 3. The Command Line Interface (CLI) Window will come up (as shown in Figure 2-13). The CLI is a window where you can enter commands into the computer in the form of text. This type of interface was how a person interacted with DOS. It is also how a person is able to currently interact with Linux if they choose not to use one of several graphical interfaces available for use with Linux. [pic] 4. Once you have opened the Command Line Interface (CLI), type in the command ipconfig. When the ipconfig command is entered, the CLI changes to something similar to Figure 2-14. You should note that the
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