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05/14/2013 7.1 Lab Report- Caloric Content of Food


PURPOSE: In this lab we will have the opportunity to measure the energy in a variety of foods, by heating/burning a portion of the food item and catching the heat released into a known mass of water in a calorimeter. We will also identify units of measuring heat such as calories and joules. We will use basic lab equipment provided in our labpaq and we will use several household items as well. We will follow all safety requirements and standard procedures for this lab.

We learned from the chapter that a “calorie: is a unit of energy, just like a kilowatt-hour or a joule. These units, represent the amount of “heat energy” it takes to
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I started with the marshmallow and a fork. I took a mass measurement of the marshmallow and the fork separately and recorded it in data table 7.1 Next I placed the marshmallow on the end of my fork and then I weighed those two together and recorded my measurement. Now it was time to add the heat, I used a extended grill lighter for my heat source. I clicked the lighter and carefully placed the marshmallow into the flame, once it caught and started to burn, I placed the burning marshmallow under my beaker, while allowing it to burn most of the way down, I had my oldest daughter help me stir the thermometer in the beaker. Once it had burned out, I took a new measurement of the fork with the burnt residue on it and recorded that measurement. I set the fork in the sink and checked the temperature of the water in the beaker, and recorded the final temperature. There is cleanup in between each food item to be burned, and you must start with fresh water and a new initial temperature for the remaining items in the experiment. I followed the above steps for the walnut and the potato chip and recorded their measurements in the data table 7.1 as well. Once all my food items were burned , measured and recorded. I then proceeded to my calculations for analysis in this lab and recorded the remaining results in the data table 7.1 below.



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