Lab Report Compound Pendulum in Different Medium

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Lab Report Compound Pendulum in different medium
Raoul Corstjens

An oscillating object is a mass that follows a pattern that causes the mass to return to its initial position after completing one complete oscillation in a constant certain amount of time. This experiment aims to show how the medium that a simple pendulum is traveling though affects the frequency of the pendulum.

Research Question
How does the medium that a simple pendulum is traveling though affect the frequency in the simple pendulum and how drastic is theta change?

Based on what I know about traveling though different mediums the more optically denser medium will cause more resistance to the pendulum causing it to complete fewer cycles
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Dividing the number of cycles by the time spent recording the number of cycles helps u to find this.

The Average Frequency of the Oscillations of a Simple Pendulum in Different Mediums

Types of Mediums | Average Frequency (cycles per second) | Air | 1.000 | Water | 0.916 | Ethanol | 0.933 | Sun flower oil | 0.700 | Syrup water | 0.700 |

By adding the two trials then dividing by two because there are two trials you are able to find the average frequency. These results should be as close to accurate as we where able to find with the time and equipment that was available to us. Although there was many things that confused us during the experiment like how in liquid the pendulum acted very different from in air.

This graph shows the difference in frequency in the liquids according to the data collected from completing the experiment in respect to the density and it shows how the change in density affects the frequency. There was a huge difference in the amplitude of the liquids and the air because the liquid did start at the same place as air, but we

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