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One crucial step in the data acquisition procedure was to make sure that the wind speed and wind direction were in accordance to the target ranges. This will be more tangible if it is pointed out that time histories of pressure coefficient are directly dependent on the velocity measurements and turbulence intensity at reference height in the lab. Therefore, wind speed measurement has to be performed with high resolution devices that can catch little changes in wind characteristics; to do so, in the current study Cobra probe technology was used. More details regarding the high tech instruments that were used for experimental setup are presented as follows.
As shown in ‎Figure 4.3, there are two Cobra Probes in the experimental setup that
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Two types of pressure scanners that are extremely compact were used: one from ZOC22b series, and three from ZOC33 series [83]. The ZOC miniature electronic pressure scanning modules are specifically designed for use in wind-tunnel tests and flight tests where operational conditions are very space-constrained and pressures do not ex¬ceed 50 PSI (344738 Pa). The ZOC22b module incorporates 32 individual silicon pressure sensors, calibration valving, a high speed multiplexer (45 kHz), and an instrumentation amplifier. An integral “duplexing” valve is optionally available to allow the ZOC22’s 32 sensors to service up to 128 input pressures. The ZOC22 module also incorporates a calibration valve that allows the ZOC sensors to be automatically calibrated on-line as well as purge the input lines of contaminants or condensation. Similarly, the ZOC33 is an electronic pressure scanner which can accept up to 128 pneumatic inputs. Each ZOC33 module used in the current study incorporates 64 individual piezoresistive pressure sensors. Each ZOC pressure scanner incorporates an embedded RTD to monitor the temperature of the pressure sensors [83]. The ZOC modules have been used in conjunction with RADBASE as shown in Figure 4.3 [83]. Typically, the RADBASE would be located inside a wind-tunnel model or other space limited location in close proximity to the ZOC pressure scanners. For small models with low number of pressure channel requirements, the RADBASE can be minimal size

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