Lab Report Heart Dissection Of The Heart

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Lab Report Heart Dissection The heart is a fantastical organ. The fact that it can circulate blood throughout the body in a quick span of time and make sure every limb and organ is nourished is astounding. The wonder is only increased when we look upon the heart in an Aristotelian sense, as something created and working towards a function, where every part is there for a reason. If we keep in mind the purpose of the heart while looking at the way it is structured with veins, arteries, and the heart itself, the way it has been configured is incredibly logical and allows the heart to function the way it does expediently. The heart has two parts each with a left and right form (meaning four total): the auricle and ventricle. Knowing this, though it may seem backwards, it is helpful to consider various characteristics of the veins and arteries that are intimately connected with these parts. There are two veins, the pulmonary vein and the vena cava. There are two arteries as well, the aorta and the pulmonary artery. The way these function together, as Harvey demonstrated, is that the vena cava takes blood into the right auricle. This blood is pushed into the right ventricle, where it cycles through the lungs from the pulmonary artery and arrives at the left ventricle through the pulmonary vein. From here, the blood is pushed into the left ventricle where is distributed to the body through the aorta. These are the purposes and functions of the various veins and arteries

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