Lab Report On Calorimeter Lab

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Calorimeter Lab Report
Author: Marcos Alberto
Lab Partners: Kiley Anselmo, Jacob Bufka
General Chemistry III
Professor: Dr. M. Ibele
April 17, 2015
The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore when energy leaves one place it has to have another place to go to, it maintains a constant rate. The equation that proves that statement is: ΔUsystem + ΔUsurroundings = 0 Eq. 1
There are two ways that energy can be transferred from or to a system that will include the transfer of energy in the form of heat (expressed as q) or the ability of the system to do “work”. In this laboratory experiment the change of energy due to work is negligible so it will not be used in the equations. Now the ability of heat exchange between the system and its surroundings will be explored in this experiment. If the energy goes into the system then the “q” will be a positive number and accordingly if the energy goes out of the system and into the surroundings then the “q” will be negative. So with this new information, the equation can be readjusted as following: ΔHsystem + ΔHsurroundings = 0 Eq.2
When energy is added or removed from a system it may increase or decrease the temperature of the system, since the temperature is not constant each element will have a different heat capacity. The amount of substance…

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