Lab Report On Characteristics Of Hydrates

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drates Name: Anna Dais Partner’s Name: Avery Anderson Thursday 3:10-6pm 9/7/17 CHMY 141-218 TA: Mackenzie Lynes Introduction The purpose of this lab was to explore the characteristics of hydrates. Hydrates are solid ionic compounds that contain water that is chemically bound to the crystal. In doing this lab, the percentage of water contained in various hydrates, if dehydration is a reversible or irreversible change, and the mathematical relationship between starting mass and mass lost. As there is no simple way to predict the amount of water molecules in a hydrated compound, it must be determined by experimenting. This experiment involves heating said hydrates so the water molecules evaporated from the solid compound. In the different…show more content…
While the sample is cooling, record any observations made in notebook. Once the crucible is cooled, record the mass of crucible and substance together. Repeat process with a different mass of beginning substance. Part Three: Repeat the experiment from part one using Epsom salt. Record observations in notebook. Observations and Data: Part One: Table 1: Substance Before Heat During-After Heat After Rehydration Hydrated Copper Sulfate Blue, powdery, grainy, crystal like Became a darker blue, then turned to white, remained grainy, no longer crystal like. After adding water, goes back to the original observed state Hydrated Ferrous Sulfate Greenish tan, grainy Turned lighter tan. Looks dry and sand like Turned milky brown Hydrated Cobalt Sulfate Fuchsia, large chunks/ crystals Turned dark blue to light purple to baby blue powder consistency while expanding Turned back to dark blue liquid, within a few minutes turned to solid and fuchsia Sugar White, Grainy, crystalized Melted to a clear liquid, turned yellow to brown emitting strong sweet smell Stayed melted, mixed in with the water added Table 2: Reversible Irreversible Hydrated copper sulfate Hydrated cobalt sulfate Sugar Hydrated Ferrous Sulfate Part Two: Table 3: Subject Sample 1 Sample 2 Peer Sample 1 Peer Sample 2 Peer Sample 3 Crucible and sample before heat 27.48g 29.04g 29.92g 29.09g 30.098g Crucible before heat 26.045g 26.045g 28.9g 27.65g 29.08g Sample before heat 1.635g 2.995g 1.02g 1.44g 1.02g

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