Lab Report On Chemical Compounds

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Abstract: In this lab report two unknown substances will be tested. The tests performed were looking for the presence of the main biomolecules, Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins. The tests used will be used in the Lab report are; The Benedicts test to test for sugars, the Iodine test for coiled or non-coiled carbs, The Grease-spot test for lipids, and the Biuret test for proteins. Tests show that both substances had different responses to the Benedicts test. Both substances shared the same response to the Iodine test. In the Grease-spot test both showed the same. In the Biuret test the unknown substances resulted differently from each other. Introduction/ Discussion: Discussed in Chapter 5 “The Composition of …show more content…

Unsaturated fats include items such as olive oil and soybean oil. Saturated fats are fats that are become solid in room temperature; examples include lard, butter, and coconut oil. To test for lipids the grease-spot test can be implemented. In the grease-spot test it is to be observed if the spot is translucent, this indicates there are lipids. Proteins are components of tissue; proteins themselves are composed of amino acids which serve as building blocks. To test for proteins the Biuret test is used. Using a Biuret reagent the color of the solution will change depending on the presence of proteins. The solution will turn from blue to violet if proteins are indeed present. In this lab for testing the unknowns each test will be performed on unknown substances to test for the appearance of the four main molecules. These tests are important because they show the presence of these biomolecules which are in organisms. Materials and Methods: All materials and experiment steps were provided by the test from “Exploring Biology in the laboratory.” (Pendarvis. Carwley.) Two unknown solutions were tested. The first solution tested is B3. Using the Benedicts test the test tube was labeled at the 0.5cm mark and 1.0cm mark. The same thing was done with the A1 solution test tube. After filling

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