Lab Report On Chemical Reactions

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Fatima Gowher Uzma Gowher Tanishq Gadkari Fritz Flores Block 1 Chemistry Honors AbstractWhat happens when two merely different “things” are combined? By things, I mean two different substances. What will the aftermath of this action be? What results will you receive when performing this experiment? Well, this experiment is putting the chemical reactions to work! We are going to be using different substances and combining them together to record and observe the different reactions that will be produced as we perform the steps. Looking at the way a substance combining with another substances that can make a whole different reaction is very interesting. The main goal of this experiment is to observe some typical chemical reactions, identify some of the products, as well as summarize the chemical changes in terms of balanced chemical equations. This chemical reactions lab will require an apparatus, chemicals, procedure, and lab questions to help the performer of the experiment understand and comprehend the lab being performed. The lab is a way to see how the combining the different substances will create a slow, unique, and abstract reaction or it will reveal a quick and fast reaction by the combining of the different chemical substances we will be using throughout the lab. The usage of a record table is necessary to keep track of all of the different reactions that occurred
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