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Column Chromatography and TLC of Spinach Group Experiment 3 – Individual Lab Report (Save as pdf and submit, due by 12:00 NOON one week after experiment) Last Name: Wang First Name: Zoey Lab Partner(s): Sue Wang TA Name: Sosthene Date Lab Performed: Nov. 12, 2015 Date Lab Submitted: Nov. 12, 2015 Group A, B, or C: B Comments for Grading TA: (Please indicate if you performed the lab on a day other than your regularly scheduled day and/or with a TA other than your regular TA). Page Limit: report must not exceed FIVE pages (including this page) LIMIT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY GRAPHS, SPECTRA, OR REFERENCES (Please see General Lab Report Guidelines for detailed descriptions of all other requirements) DEDUCTIONS FOR HANDWRITTEN REPORT/STRUCTURES/GRAPHS AND EXCEEDING PAGE LIMIT LATE PENALTY IS 2 MARKS PER DAY LATE (NOT ACCEPTED AFTER 7 DAYS) Chemistry 212 FALL 2015 * “written component” – check General Report Guidelines for grammar requirements 2 of 5 Group Experiment 3: Column Chromatography – Lab Report Guidelines Include the following in your report (in the following order, use provided table): Objective: (3 mark)* What is the purpose of this experiment? The purpose of this experiment is to extract pigments from baby spinach leaves and purify products using column chromatography. Introduction: (3 marks)* Brief description of the concept/reaction studied – extraction, column chromatography – and why it is important Column chromatography is used to separate pigments based on their
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