Lab Report On Egg Osmosis

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Egg Osmosis
Lab Report

Yen Do
Period 2
Cells in all living things have an outer layer known as the cell membrane. The structure of the cell membrane consists of the phospholipid bilayer organized by the arrangement of hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails. It is a selectively permeable membrane, where it divides the outer environment from the interior of the cell. It can control substances moving in and out of living cells. Certain molecules like gases, water, and food are permitted to pass the membrane through the method of diffusion. Diffusion refers to the process in which molecules move on the concentration gradient, where they move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. A type of diffusion is known as osmosis. It is the diffusion of water moving across the selectively permeable membrane. In this lab, students will be using eggs to construct an experiment to get a better study on how osmosis works in a cell. The eggs will be soaked in vinegar solution to remove their shells to expose each inner layer that resembles a selectively permeable membrane. The egg shell is composed of calcium carbonate that would dissolves in acidic solution such as vinegar. In the chemical reaction, it releases carbon dioxide gas. After the removal of the egg shell, it will be ready to be able to construct the experiment.
The eggs will increase and decrease in mass when placed solutions with different amount of solutes. This…

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