Lab Report On Enzyme Activity

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The purpose of this lab is to observe the catalase found in liver cells by measuring how temperature, pH and enzyme concentrations affect the reaction rates of enzymes.
Enzymes are considered to be “biological catalysts” meaning they can speed up a chemical reaction in a cell without being used up in the process. Enzymes do this by lowering the amount of energy needed to activate the process. The lower the activation energy, the faster the reaction. Without enzymes, vital life processes would occur very slowly which could be deadly.
Different enzymes are used depending on the chemical process. Some enzymes break down harmful, poisonous chemicals in our bodies into harmless substances. In this lab, the enzyme we tested was
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Part A: Add a small piece of liver to 2 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. After the reaction occurs, pour the liquid into a different test tube and add another piece of liver into the liquid. Observe the reaction. Then add 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide to the first test tube.
B: Place 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide into 2 test tubes. Add potato into one test tube and a piece of apple into the other and observe the reactions.
C: 1. Place a piece a liver into a clean test tube and cover it with a small amount of water. Place the test tube into a boiling water bath for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the test tube, let it cool, then pour out the water. Add 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide.
2. Place equal amounts of liver into 2 clean test tubes and add 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide into 2 other test tubes. Place one test tube of liver and one of the hydrogen peroxide into an ice bath. Put the other 2 test tubes into a warm bath. After 3 minutes, pour each test tube of hydrogen peroxide into the corresponding tube of liver.
D: Add 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide into 5 test tubes, then add:
First test tube: 3 drops of HCL
2: 3 drops of diluted HCL
3: 3 drops of NaoH
4: 3 drops of diluted NaOH
5: 3 drops of H2O
Add liver to all 5 test tubes at the same time, and observe the reaction rate for the acidic, neutral and basic solutions. (Figure this out with pH paper)
E: We tested liver in cold, room temperature and hot water, and in cold, room

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