Lab Report On Enzyme

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Enzyme Lab
Majesty Collins
September 26, 2017
Finding the Greatest Amount of Product with a Spectrophotometer

Introduction For the enzyme experiment, I hypothesized that test tube number one would have the greatest amount of product. My lab partners and I believed that number one would have the most significant amount of product because it had the highest mL amount of the potato extract. The potato extract is the enzyme of the investigation being used which is catecholase (Picture 4). The substrate in the investigation is catechol (Picture 6), and the reddish-brown product is called benzoquinone (Figure 2). Enzymes are proteins that help the speeding up of chemical reactions. Enzymes will never destroy unless pH, salt, and temperature negatively affect it. When the enzyme is finished with one substrate, it moves on to another one directly after. According to the lab manual by Pearson (2011), substrates are the reactant molecules that are being changed by the enzyme. It is known that when the substance is an enzyme, it ends in letters “ase.” Substrates and enzymes have a lock and key relationship with one another. The key in the relationship is the substrate, and the lock in the relationship is the enzyme (Cap, 2016). An example of an enzyme and substrate relationship is sucrase and sucrose. The enzyme sucrase positions the sucrose, which is table salt, in a way that it can be broken down into the parts of glucose and fructose (Figure 1). The purpose of this

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