Lab Report On Microbial Unknowns Essay

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Microbial Unknowns Objective: In the past couple of weeks, our class received a single broth that contained two species of bacterium. One bacterium was gram positive and one bacterium was gram negative. We were required to use our techniques and knowledge we learned in class to separate and identify the two species we were given in our broths. Methodology: Day One: On the first day of our Biochemical Unknown Lab we were given a tube that contained broth media which held two different types of bacterium. Once we were given our broths, we had to streak two Nutrient Agar plates with the mixed culture tube by using a loop. After I streaked my Nutrient Agar plates, I decided to perform a gram stain. First I flamed the loop and set it aside to cool. After I flamed the loop I prepared two slides with a drop of water in the middle. Once the loop was cool I dipped the loop into the broth and smeared the loop onto both slides mixing the unknown bacterium with the water. I flamed my loop, set it aside, heat fixed both slides, and let the slides air dry. Once the slide were dry I set them on two rods above the drainage area and covered the smears with Crystal Violet. I let the Crystal Violet sit on the smear for one minute and rinsed off the Crystal Violet. Once the Crystal Violet was rinsed I applied Grams Iodine and let that sit for one minute. After one minute passed I rinsed the slide again and moved on to applying the alcohol. I dripped the alcohol onto the slide until the
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