Lab Report On Newton 's Third Law

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Student MALINI SINHA; Lab section PRA0101
Lab Partner Seifeldin Ahmed Badawy; Lab group A-2

Experiment 2. Newton’s Third Law

“Newton’s Third Law is one of the fundamental symmetry principles of the universe which states that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”[1] .In simple words it means that for every action there is a reaction, which is equal to the magnitude of the force applied but opposes the direction of the action.

2 toy trucks of the similar type
2 equal weights of 0.5 kg each
2 Force Sensors- CI 6746
Data Studio Software for data analysis

Resolution of the force sensor:
0.03 N or weight of 3.1 gram mass

Procedure of examination of force sensors:
The two force sensors (CI-6746) that are mounted on the toy trucks are connected to the Data Studio Interface. Truck 1 is connected to Channel A and Truck 2 is connected to Truck2. Before taking the readings, the TARE button located on top of the sensors was pressed in order to zero the readings. To confirm the proper working of the sensors the trucks are pushed but not made to collide and a straight-line graph is observed. The sample rate set for the experiment is 200 Hz, which is not as slow as 10 Hz or not very fast as 1000 Hz. This enables us to acquire accurate results during the course of the experiment.
Description of your method of verification of the Newton’s 3rd law
To verify the Newton’s 3rd Law we use two toy trucks which have…

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