Lab Report On Organic Chemistry Laboratory

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Lee, Angie CHEM 221B, Section 05 F 9:00 am- 11:50 am September 30, 2015 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Procedure- Week 2 Experiment 1: Introduction to Microscale Laboratory Laboratory Exercise 1, Option A: Automatic Pipette 1. Weigh 3-mL conical vial (with cap and insert already on it) on a balance. a. Weigh to nearest milligram 2. Dispense .5 mL water into the already weighed conical vial, replace cap and face insert on its down side. a. Weigh vial once again, but now with water in it. 3. Determine the weight of the water by subtracting the weight of the vial with water by the weight of the vial on its own. 4. Calculate density of water. D=M (new mass found through step 3)/V (.5 mL) 5. Repeat steps 1-4, but now using .5 mL of hexane. a. Dispose of the excess hexane 6. Calculate density of hexane and write down any observations made when performing this experiment. Experiment 2: Solubility Part A: Solubility of Solid Compounds 1. In 4 test tubes, place .04 g of benzophenone in each test tube. a. Test tube 1 should have .04 g of benzophenone, test tube 2 should also have .04 g of benzophenone, etc., up to the fourth test tube. b. Make sure test tubes have been labeled. 2. 1 ml of water should be added to the first test tube and make a note. In the second test tube, 1 ml of methyl alcohol should be added. In the third test tube, 1 ml of hexane must be added. Lastly, the fourth test tube will be a control. 3. Solubility in each test tube is to be determined by using round end of
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