Lab Report On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

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1. Goal The goal of this lab was to familiarize myself with the RLES vCloud Director, the vApps, and building virtual machines using RLES. I learned how to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to build and customize servers built to meet the needs of my virtual environment. I also experimented with configuring pfSense to be my gateway between the virtual network and RITs RLES infrastructure. There was also the introduction of setting up both a wiki and a monitoring solution, which I chose to use MediaWiki and Nagios Monitoring Solution for my services.

2. Procedural and Informational Documentation All information pertaining to my virtual network can be found at the address when inside my infrastructure. It contains all the information needed to understand how I built and configured my virtual machines, and how I installed and configured each of my servers. It is broken up by specific Operating System installs, so there is are sections for both pfSense and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. The wiki explains in detail, the steps that I took to complete each portion of this lab and how each server was set up.

3. Security Considerations Many security considerations should come to mind when implementing an internal infrastructure such as the one being built in this lab. When implementing new features into a network, such as a router or a wiki, you need to look at who has access to this feature and what can they actually do with that access. If we look at a

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