Lab Report On Salivary Amylase Essay

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Abstract A number of labs were conducted in order to obtain data for the research on salivary amylase. The purpose was to obtain enough information to provide an explanation for the relationships between salivary amylase, number of AMY1 gene copies and family heritage. I hypothesized that my Indian heritage would be the cause for a higher than average number of gene copies and thereby higher than average concentration of amylase in my saliva. To test this hypothesis labs 2-7 from the “Biology 1A03 Laboratory Manual” (Tracey 2015) were conducted with as much accuracy as possible. In the labs absorbance vs amylase graphs were made, graphs were used to measure concentration of my own amylase in saliva, DNA was extracted via cheek epithelium and amplified using PCR, amplified DNA was put through gel electrophoresis, software analyzed picture of the gel to produce values for number of amylase gene copies. The concentration of amylase in my saliva was 0.16899 mg/ml and I have one amylase gene copy.
This lab focuses on the relationships between an individual’s heritage, number of amylase gene copies and subsequently their salivary amylase concentration. In order to understand the findings of the research presented in this report it is vital to first grasp a few concepts that are essential for the lab. They include topics like saliva, amylase, enzymes, DNA, mutations, genes, gene copies. The following paragraphs will elaborate on the aforementioned topics and reveal
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