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buffer, pestle grinder, centrifuge, phenol-chloroform, a vortex, agarose gel and dye, PCR water, 1.5 mL tubes and RNase.
PCR Amplication- This lab involves the amplification of the 18s rRNA or actin genes. The lab starts with getting the PCR tube, labeled as DNA. Then, 2.5 microliters of DNA template from the week before must be added to the DNA tube. Forty-seven and a half microliters of PCR Master Mix is then added to the DNA tube. This micture must be placed on ice until placed in thermal cycler. Once placed in the thermal cycler the micture will be increased to heat at 94o for 3 minutes and again for another minute, then cooled at 52o for 1 minute and risen to 72o for 2 minutes. The steps of heating for a minute, cooling for a minute, and room temperature for 2 minutes is repeated another 34 times. The mixture then stays at room temperature for another 10 minutes and held at 4o for until placed in a freezer. The last part of this lab is doing electrophoresis of PCR. The mixtures must be thawed out and put in the ice bucket, Two new tubes are created: a DNA tube and a water tube. Twenty microliters of the PCR micture must be added to both the DNA and water tubes. The gel dye must be added to the two tubes before continuing with electrophoresis. The final step is adding both tubes solutions to agarose gel and a picture taken of the new DNA ladder created. Materials used for PCR amplication ar ethe following: gloves, PCR tube, DNA template, PCR Master Mix, ice bucket,

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