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1. Accurately records experimental procedures.
I think this objective means that we need to make sure we understand the procedure or steps for the lab. Knowing the steps for the lab is extremely important because especially in chemistry if something is done out of order it can be dangerous. So recording the procedure in our lab book is important. This relates to my major of Political Science in that in Political Science, recording down things accurately is very important and if something isn’t recorded accurately it could be dangerous like in chemistry lab. In my lab report for the Density Lab I recorded the steps to the lab. The objective of that lab was to find out what procedure was preferable for finding density. This made it very important to makes sure the experimental procedure was recorded accurately.
2. Accurately records data, observations, and results. This objective means to record what we observe and calculate during the experiment as accurately as possible, most errors that occur in an experiment are due to mistakes when recording data, observations and results. This relates to my major of Political Science because there is a lot of things one has to record data on based on observations, and the results of a political science experiment are important because it can change how the world is looked at, if the data or observations are wrong people are getting inaccurate information. In my lab book for The Relationship Between the Volume of Gas and Temperature

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