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Jacqueline Kang 2-8-2015 Bio 203 Lab Experiment 2: Introduction: The lab was interesting as the main idea seemed to be the proper use and importance of a spectrophotometer but was completed in such a bizarre manner that I am unsure as to wether this was the original purpose or not. The first portion of the experiment seemed to be a practice 10 fold serial dilution using the chemical bromophenol blue, and was treated as a quantitative experiment. The second portion of the experiment used known concentrations , which was created though a second ten fold serial dilution with the chemical p-nitrophenol, and this was then used to create a standard curve. This standard curve was used to determine the concentration of 3 unknown concentrations of p-nitrophenol via their absorbance values from the spectrophotometer. The main prediction would be that the absorbance value would be higher for solutions that have a low concentration, as there are less particles to get in the way of the light. Materials and Methods: Experiment 1: The experiment one materials and methods, are contained in Wolven, 2014; Montezuma Publishing; page 121-123. The reader is advised to refer to this manual with any questions, the experiment was completed with one amendment as the first dilution was already prepared, so, only 4 test tubes were needed to complete the rest of the procedure. Experiment 2: The second experiment methods and materials are listed in the lab manual Wolven, 2014; Montezuma

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