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Kimmi Dodia- Biomedical Science- 1019971 Lab partner- Kim Harcourt Lab report- Experiment 1: Microbial Genetics Abstract The objective of this experiment was to introduce the study of bacterial genetics in order to identify the potency of different mutagenic agents. Our primary aim was to demonstrate the different techniques needed to isolate biosynthetic auxotrophic mutants using chemical, physical and transposon mutagenesis. The second aim was to plan and execute an experiment designed to isolate catabolic mutants (Lac-) as well as conditional mutants (Temperature sensitive) using only a chemical treatment (EMS). Also, to make and characterize transposon-insertion mutants of KL14 using bacteriophage as a transposon delivery…show more content…
When inserted into new location on the genome, a transposon may interrupt a gene, causing disruption or a complete loss of the function. Transposons are used to induce deletions and rearrangements, we worked with Tn5 in part of our experiment. Spontaneous mutations occur naturally at a low frequency (about 10-7 per gene), this frequency can be increased substantially by applying different treatments to the E.coli culture. According to the background research, we expected the UV light to be the most potent and efficient mutagen in inducing mutations, followed by the Tn5 and the least potent treatment would be EMS. We carried Kimmi Dodia- Biomedical Science- 1019971 Lab partner- Kim Harcourt out mutagenesis and explored which of these treatments induced the highest frequency of mutations in the E.coli cell culture. The objectives of this experiment were to learn the and demonstrate the different techniques for mutagenesis of bacteria, to enrich and isolate the auxotrophic and conditional mutants, to use bacteriophage as a transposon delivery vector in order to induce transposable element mutations. Lastly to demonstrate good aseptic technique when undertaking the whole experiment. Materials and methods The experiment extended over three weeks, firstly we induced mutagenesis by the application of chemical treatment; ethyl methane sulfonate EMS to the culture of wild-type E.coli K12,KL14. The

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