Lab Report: Pressure Temperature Volume

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Astrella Rosano
Lab Partners: Sam Youngdale, Charlie Stalzer, Ni Xhengzhuan.
TA: Giang Nguyen
Date Submitted: September 28, 2012
Section: Chemistry 1310-L10 Honor Pledge: I did not copy this work from any others student(s), current students in lab, or old lab reports. Signature: ____________________

Raw Data- A. Exploring Pressure-Volume Relationships Pressure (torr) | Volume (mL) | 1384.2 | 5 | 1198.1 | 6 | 1038.1 | 7 | 921.3 | 8 | 826.2 | 9 | 752.6 | 10 | 688.5 | 11 | 638.5 | 12 | 593.8 | 13 | 557.0 | 14 | 519.9 | 15 | 492.0 | 16 |

B. Determining the Ideal Gas Constant

Molar calculations:
5mL of 3M HCl nHCl=0.005L×0.3M1L=0.015mol nHCl
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2) For part B, the aim was to measure how the change in temperature affects the pressure. This means that the pressure, number of moles, and volume had to be kept constant. The pressure was controlled by the use of a rubber stopper, the glass flask was to contain the volume, and weighing the magnesium at 0.0365g would keep the number of moles the same. First, the volume of the flask was calculated and added to the volume of the tubing. The vacuum system was used to depressurize the flask. Then the tube was inserted in the flask through the stopper, which led to a pressure sensor and LabQuest instrument. Periodically, in increments of 0.5mL, the HCl was added into the flask, up till the 2mL mark. By this point, the magnesium has stopped reacting because the HCl was in twice the excess amount. After the 2mL point, the HCl was added into the flask in one mL increments. The LabQuest should be recording the changes in pressure and volume throughout the procedure.

3) As temperature increases, the volume also increases; therefore they are directly proportional. They create a linear line when plotted on a graph. From the experiment carried out, when the pressure hits zero, the experimental temperature is 138K. The true value of T when the pressure is at zero should be zero. This means that it would be 0K,
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