Lab Report : Science Or Engineering Course Essay

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A full laboratory report is usually required in a science or engineering course that has a laboratory section. Believe it or not, a lab report (as they are commonly referred to) is actually a learning tool to help you get more out of your lab and classroom experience. You typically enter a lab session with some hypothesis, such as “copper conducts heat more quickly than steel.” You will review the basic concepts behind the experiment, such as the definition of conductivity and whether heat flows from hot to cold. Then, you follow a defined procedure for performing a test to verify whether your hypothesis is correct or not. A key part of that test is recording data. The data will be analyzed and used to either support or reject your hypothesis. Usually one to two weeks later, you will submit a laboratory report summarizing what you did and what you learned.
Before you leave the lab session, remember that it is a good idea to record all the equipment you used (including manufacturer, model and serial number), make sure you have all the data you need, take some pictures of your setup (to refer to later, or to include in your report), and make sure you still have a copy of the procedure you used. Believe it or, if you have gathered all that information then you have already started on your report.
A full lab report typically has six sections:
• Introduction: What is your hypothesis? What is the scope of your report? In short, tell the reader what you are running tests to
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