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Lab Report: Seed Lab Problem: Which temperature 4.5 degrees Celsius or 37 degrees Celsius is better for radish seeds to thrive in over a 11 day period? Hypothesis: If gourmet radish seeds (Raphonus Sativus) are placed in temperatures of 4.5 or 37 degrees Celsius to see which is better for the seeds to thrive in over 9 days, than 37 degrees Celsius will be the better of the two because the humidity of the hot environment for the plant can help it stay satisfied in terms of water. In the cold environment things tend to dry up and as a result most plants end up dying during the cold so that is why I think a more hot temperature would be better overall for the plant. Design: The manipulated variable is temperature in Celsius, the range of the manipulated variable is 4.5 and 37 degrees Celsius. The control of this experiment would be radish seeds in a Petri dish with the temperature set at 20 degrees Celsius. Three constant factors for this experiment would be the amount of time given, 9 days, the amount of water given to all of the radish seeds, 5 mL, and the amount of space given to the seeds, 2cm apart. Materials:
· Gourmet Radish Seeds
· Petri Dishes
· Incubator
· Refrigerator
· Ruler
· Dropper
· Paper towels
· Water

Manipulated Variable Procedure:
1. Place five radish seeds into each of the 2 petri dishes wrapped in a damp paper towel that contains 5mL of…

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