Lab Report : Tannin Concentration ( Experiment A )

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Title: Tannin Concentration (Experiment A) Purpose: There were several learning objectives conducted in this experiment. To raise awareness of the problems associated with water pollution and the importance of domestic water treatment. Also, to show the methods used for testing and treating water. Data and Observations: DATA Solutions Tap Water Lake Water Deionized Water PPM 0.9 ppm 0.9 ppm 0.0 ppm OBSERVATIONS During the experiment, I have observed that Deionized water has 0.0 ppm and the equipment had no problem working. The experiment was a success from my point of view. Analysis: In this experiment we are testing deionized water, tap water, and lake water for how much tannin are in them. Add four drops of “Tannin Reagent #1” to only tap and lake water then cap and mix. A 1ml pipette is used to add 2 ml “Tannin Reagent #2” then cap and mix. after that we had to wait 30 minutes for full color development and when the time is up press “USE” to turn on the colorimeter. The deionized water and samples were put into the colorimeter to test the amount of tannin. The results that we received is the way it is because we follow the procedures to the best of our ability. The Colorimeter worked perfectly and the reading shows how much tannin is in the waters tested. Tap water and lake water had the same amount of PPM while Deionized water had 0. I had no expectations for this experiment because I wanted to be surprised by the results. No possible
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