Lab Report : There Is A Bacteria

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October 26, 2015

Sydney Hartman

BIO 115 Section CJ

Sydney Hartman
BIO 115- CJ
October 26, 2015
Hypothesis: There is a bacteria in pond 22 that is killing the fish.
Methods: In this experiment, results were found by discovering the kinds of bacteria found in the given pond water samples. The first step in this experiment was to prepare the pond samples by completing serial dilutions of the pond water to the 10-4. We then had to prepare five separate plates by streaking the 10-4 dilutes. These plates all had different treatments. The treatments were pond 16, pond 22, pond 22 with penicillin, pond 22 with ampicillin, and pond 22 with colistin sulfate. The plates that were treated with antibiotics required 0.1 mL of the designated
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Results: Three different kinds of bacteria, along with one fungus, were found in the pond samples. Only one bacteria was found in the healthy pond sample this bacteria is morhotype 1 (Table-1). This bacteria was also found in the untreated sample of pond 22 (Table-1). Also in the untreated pond sample was morphotype 2 (Table-1). Morphotype 3 and 4 were found in the pond 22 sample that was treated with colistin sulfate (Table-1). It was later determined that morphotype 3 was a fungus that was caused by an impurity in the colistin sulfate that was used.
Discussion: The findings of this experiment support the hypothesis. Mortphotype 2 was the only bacteria that was not found in the healthy pond or on the samples treated with colistin sulfate. This means that it must be the infectious agent due to the fact that it was not found in the healthy pond. Morphotype 2 was not found on the plates that were treated by colistin sulfate but was found on the plates with other antibiotics. This leads to the conclusion that colistin sulfate is the antibiotic that is needed to get rid of the infectious agent. There are multiple precautions that can be taken to help prevent the spread of the infection and eventually kill it altogether. To keep the bacteria spreading the workers must be careful to keep anything that may move from an infected pond to a healthy pond clean.
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