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KINESIOLOGY 4330 – FITNESS PROGRAMS & APPRAISAL CASE STUDY Doe, Jane First Author: Tovar, Jonathan Case Study for Jane Doe Abstract Jane Does, a 27 year old sedentary Hispanic female, who was approached by us to participate in our program. goal was of losing weight. The initial ACSM risk stratification diagnosis indicated a body composition of 27% body fat at 137 lbs with a height of 5’6. The family medical history indicated a history of heart disease on the paternal and maternal side of the family. According to ACSM risk stratification guidelines she does not need a referral from a physician for exercise clearance. Measures regarding examining body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength/endurance,…show more content…
Duration of exercise: 3 min Scoring procedures: Remain standing after exercise. Beginning 5 sec after the cessation of exercise, take a 15-sec pulse count. Multiply the 15-sec count by 4 to express the score in beats per minute (bpm). VO2 max in ml*kg-1 – min can be estimated using the following equation . Women: VO2max = 65.81 – (0.1847 × 183)= 32.01 ml*kg-1 – min Muscular Strength / Endurance 1 RM Strength test were administered to determine strength and endurance. 1RM Bench Press= 90lbs 1RM Leg Press= 350lbs 1 Minute Curl-Up= 48 repetitions 1 Minute Push Up= 22 Flexibility Sit and Reach test was used to evaluate the subjects flexibility Jane Doe = 20 inch trunk flexion which ranks her in the 70% Summary of Diagnosis Jane Doe is sedentary healthy, and based on her evaluations she falls under average or above average on almost all categories. Exercise Prescription Caloric Balance / Body Composition According to Harris-Benedict Equation Jane Does RMR is 1118.575. Her TEE is 1788.907 kcal a day which totals 12522.349kcals a week. Her exercise program is of 3500 kcal per week. Which brings her total weekly of 9022.349 kcals per week (average of 1288.907 per day w/ exercise ) with exercise with a weight loss of 2 pounds per week Cardiorespiratory Fitness

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