Lab Report on Ventilation and Oxygen Consumption in Fish Essay

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INTRODUCTION Goldfish (Carassius auratus) are ectothermic (cold-blooded) animals. This means that their body temperature changes with the change in the environmental temperature. When there is a low water temperature a fish slows down and so do its metabolic activities and when water temperatures are high, fish speed up and their metabolic processes increase as well. Proteins and enzymes are also affected by temperature changes. Oxygen is essential for the production of ATP from nutrients in cells; consequently oxygen must be delivered to a cell in sufficient amounts. Within fish, the counter-current exchange system allows for the efficient extraction of oxygen from the water by the gills. Basically when a fish takes in water,…show more content…
Ventilation Rates of Group and Class. Ventilation rates are in direct correlation with temperature. Graph II. Oxygen Concentration of Group and Class. Warm water shows a trend of less oxygen concentration while cold water shows a higher concentration of oxygen. Graph III. Oxygen Consumption of Group and Class. The trend shows that fishes consume more oxygen in warm water, except after the 30 min. interval. DISCUSSION In Graph I, as predicted the fish in the warm water will have a higher rate of ventilation compared to fish in the cold water. The Class Mean of Ventilation Rates showed an overall significant difference where the fish in warm water has a high ventilation rate than the fish in the cold water. In Graph II, as predicted the fish in warm water used up more oxygen and thus had a lesser concentration than the fish in the cold water as their body processes slow down and oxygen is conserved itself. There was an error as oxygen concentration increased after 30 minutes for the fish in warm water as some how it seemed as if more oxygen was added in the closed container. The result of the fish in the cold water, as predicted showed that oxygen gradually decreased which itself as the body processes of fish slowed down. In Graph III, in general the results showed that both the fish in our group and by the class standard had something go wrong as for the warm fish, oxygen consumption should have remained stable over periods

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