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Lab Jessica Cimaroli Lab 1 Purpose To learn about the International System of Units (SI) system and how it relates to measurements in mass, length, temperature, volume, and time. To learn about the common techniques and laboratory equipment used to make SI measurents. Procedure Length Measurements 1. Gather the metric ruler, CD or DVD, key, spoon, and fork. 2. Look at the calibration marks on your ruler to determine the degree of uncertainty and number of significant figures that can be made when measuring with a ruler. 3. Measure the…show more content…
5. Calculate the mass of the water by subtracting “Mass A” from “Mass B.” Record the mass of the water in Data Table 4. 6. Pour the water down the drain and fully dry the graduated cylinder. 7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the isopropyl alcohol. 8. Calculate the densities of both the water and the isopropyl alcohol and record in Data Table 4. 9. The accepted value for the density of water is 1 g/mL and the accepted density for isopropyl alcohol is 0.786 g/mL. Determine the percent error between your calculated densities and the accepted values for both water and isopropyl alcohol. Record the percent error in Data Table 4. Volume and Density Measurements (Solid) 10. Gather the metal bolt, string, magnet, graduated cylinder, beaker, metric ruler, and scale. 11. Tare the scale by pressing the Φ/T button so that the scale reads 0.0 g. 12. Place the magnet on the scale to measure the mass of the object. Record the mass in Data Table 5. 13. Use the ruler to measure the length, width, and height of the magnet in centimeters. Record the measurements in Data Table 5. 14. Calculate the volume of the magnet by multiplying the length × width × height, record in Data Table 5. 15. Calculate the density of the magnet by dividing the mass

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