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Biology 111 Laboratory #1: MBS Title: Study of the Dominant Thumb and Handedness Abstract: The dominance of the thumb and it's relationship to handedness was studied. 50 volunteers were asked to clasp their hands and the thumb dominance and handedness of each subject was noted. The results showed a connection between the handedness of a person and it's opposite thumb dominance, though all combinations of handedness and thumb dominance were evidenced. 1. Introduction A. Background Information Relevant literature addresses a few issues regarding the dominance of the thumb and handedness. Some suggest right and left hand claspers do so because of a genetic connection, while environmental factors have also been…show more content…
Summary of Data As shown in the above table, those who were right-handed with a dominant left thumb were in the majority. They make up 74% of the total subjects, totaling 37 in number. Those who were right-handed with a dominant right thumb were the next largest group, making up 12% of the subjects, totaling 6 subjects. The next largest group was those who are left-handed with a dominant left thumb, 10% of the total group, 5 subjects. The smallest group was those who were left-handed with a dominant right thumb, only 2 subjects, which makes up 4% of the total tested. From the results above, it does not appear that there definitely a genetic link between the handedness of a person and their thumb dominance. 4. Discussion A. Support of Hypothesis The experiment did support the hypothesis that there is not a correlation between right-handedness and right thumb dominance and left-handedness and left thumb dominance. Rather, in this study the opposite hand seems to hold the dominant thumb. Of the total subjects, 78% had the opposite thumb dominant. B. Explanation 86% of the subjects were right-handed, which given the prevalence of right-handed people as opposed to the less common left-handers, this seems to be a likely result. 78% of those tested also had an opposite thumb dominant, of which the cause is unknown. C. Conclusion This study shows that

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