Labeling And The Rights Of All Students

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Labeling and the rights of all students to access education Rights baseds and needs based Selecting a school for your child can be based on various reasons depending on what you are looking for whether it is scholarships they offer, location even public perception (Hobsons, 2015). Ideally every parent wants the utter most best for their child. Unfortunately some parents get lost and focus mainly towards a specific achievement or offer which may not always be within the best interest of the child. For example Bryson goes to South High School as they supply the best football opportunities. While he is doing well in physical education in class work is suffering, falling behind as they don’t offer Bryson the one on one attention he needs to succeed. “Labeling is a process of creating descriptors to identify persons who differ from the norm” (White, 2014). “Labeling is required to be included in special education (Government, 2005). Under current law, to receive special education services, a child must be identified as having a disability and, in most cases, must be further classified into one of that state’s categories, such as mental retardation or learning disabilities” (Heward, 2010). Some parents struggle with the idea of placing their beloved child in a special school unwilling to accept the ‘Label’ (Heward, 2010). This ‘Label’ can stop parents from allowing their child to receive the best possible treatment in developing their Childs knowledge and physical/personal
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