Labeling, As Humans, We Can Not Make Sense Of The Past Nor Present Without Labeling

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Rothenberg is stating that, as humans, we cannot make sense of the past nor present without labeling. Labeling eases our minds in categorizing each individual we associate ourselves with. Our minds have a constant need to understand, so we create labels to be able to comprehend everything. The problem with this process is we create a false sense of who people are based off race, class, and gender. These three formalities of classification link to each other in that they are the major ways we sort out relationships between other humans in our minds.

In other words, we utilize these three systems in order to, hopefully, understand each other. However, none of these classifications have anything to do with who an individual actually is in most cases. Unless, the individual assumes the ideas associated with each particular classification. Such as men are stronger than women or white people are superior to every other ethnicity. There are a set of authors who attempt to explain why none of these classifications have true meaning to the human condition. These authors include all of the following: Omi/Winant, Buck, Brodkin, Lorber, Miller, Katz, Kimmel, Frye, and Johnson.
Starting with Omi/Winant and their writings on Racial Formation we interpret where the origins of the characterization of race began. For the United State it begins with early European Settlers. When European explorers in the New World “discovered” people who looked different than themselves, these “natives”…
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