Labeling Essay Sociology

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When a person is labeled as something he or she has become part of that particular sub-culture, and although that person might not consider themselves to be that particular label, society has the majority rule. If society considers a person with tattoos a rebel, that person is now a troublemaker in society’s eyes; he or she carries the characteristics of that certain label, and that title sticks. Labeling in society is a natural human property. Humans label sub-consciously in order to organize the people they may come in contact with in society day-to-day. This action takes place because having a label does not stop at the face; it runs much deeper. Labels carry characteristics, properties, and key traits that can give a person an idea of…show more content…
Labeling in this manner is a great thing for it helps people, and from that labeled position a person can gain social status in their own group. In 1998 an article written by Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler stated that “Cliques are, at their base, friendship circles, whose members tend to identify each other as mutually connected” (Pg. 155). Once a person is labeled as something whether it be a jock or a plastic, these people can now seek out others who are labeled similarly, and by doing so new friendships and relationships are born. Labels can introduce a person to a new set of people, which he or she would never have known if they were not labeled. In an article written by Martin Sanchez Jankowski in 1991 a “...hierarchy system is used to label members of a gang...” (Pg. 172). This hierarchy system can play a positive role in the life of a gang member because once you are placed on a level there is no ambiguity about a person's position and status; their responsibilities, liabilities, and expected actions are practically lied out for young gang member. Unfortunately labeling, for the most part, is a negative action taken against groups of people who do not comply with societies unwritten rules. When a person is labeled it is usually because said person did something that was unusual, different, and/or out of the social norm. In schools across the United States there is some
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