Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

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What are genetically modified foods?” is what many people ask. Genetically modified foods are altered in an unnatural way where the DNA goes through recombination, alteration in genes (World health organization). Genetically modified foods are unnatural organisms that have been altered by scientists. Many people hear of these genetically modified organisms but do not really know what the benefits or consequences truly are. These organisms can be beneficial in the sense that they get rid of bad genes in foods that can lead to many great advancements for the future. On the other hand, unknown consequences to the health of people are becoming more popular due to genetic engineering. Therefore, genetically modified foods should be eliminated from…show more content…
Most companies do not aspire to label their products because they fear losing clientele (Donsky). However, the companies should understand that it is not their call to dictate if they want to label their foods or not because their customers have a right to know what their foods contain. Companies should not fear losing clientele because if they really cared about their consumers, they would label their products that use genetic engineering, and depending on their client’s responses, they can either alter their products to use less genetic modification or use none at all. It has also been found that labeling foods will be costly (Steinhauer and Strom), but the cost of people's health is more important than wasting more money for labeling. If companies really cared about their consumers then they would be more careful of their wishes towards genetic engineering. If companies were to label their products, like Campbell, then more and more companies will also label and eventually labeling will become common. When Campbell decided to label their products they thought of the people because “92 percent of consumers” want their food labeled, and they believe that people have a “right to know what's in their foods” (Kratochwill). Campbell, however, did not remove the genetically modified ingredients from their products (Kratochwill) but has still kept most of their customers even after they decided to label their…show more content…
Some of the biggest effects are pollution, superweeds, and health impacts. Because of genetic engineering, new and powerful plants have been created known as “Superweeds” and these superweeds are resistant to pesticides (Donsky). Since they are resistant to pesticides Superweeds require an excessive amount of chemicals in order to kill them off which causes pollution in the environment. Pollution has been a problem in the environment, but it has gotten worse because of the consequences of genetic engineering. It is ironic because genetic engineers are trying to create crops that are resistant to bugs to stop the use of pesticides, but instead they create Superweeds that require excessive amounts of pesticides. Also, unknown allergens are occurring in people because of the alterations in the genes of organisms (Donsky). This means that new types of allergens are being created from genetically modified foods which are impacting the health of people because people would not have obtained a new allergen if genetic engineering did not exist. There are also unknown impacts to the human body because of the lack of long term studies (Donsky). However, if these studies continue on the health of people who eat genetically modified organisms, then the impact that they have in the human body will be discovered. Furthermore, until the studies have been accomplished there is no assurance for the effect that is causes. Therefore,
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