Labeling Genetically Modified Organisms And Food Markets

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GMO’s stands for genetically modified organism, which are organisms that have had their genes altered or genetically engineered so that it can have resistance to pesticides and have rapid growth . Food markets around the United States sell products that are organic as well as genetically modified products but, as a society, we are not fully aware of that. Through reading the The Secret Life of Plants by Ferris Jabr, it lead us to think about how we are not aware of what produce we buy in our local food markets. We as a society in this democracy should have the knowledge of what we put into our body. Labeling Genetically Modified Organisms in food markets allows the consumers to know what they are eating and help them make the decision to buy the produce or not. GMOs have been around for quite some time. Farmers have been cross-breeding and modifying their crops for thousands and thousands of years. GMOs were originally made to create the best crops for farmers to farm and distribute. Elton Robinson, a editor for Delta Farm Press says that Genetically-engineered or GMO crops are safe, reduced in chemical use and contribute to the long-term profitability of farmers all over the world (Robinson). Through these words he conveys that GMOs are vital. A world without genetically engineered crops would be horrible, food costs would soar, yields would go down, input costs would rise and many farmers would have to resort to less-environmentally friendly methods of controlling
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