Labeling Theory

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Running Head: | Labeling Theory | Labeling Theory Stacie O 'Reilly Miller-Motte Lisa Bruno October 20, 2012 Abstract According to the works of Frank Tannenbaum, Howard Becker, Edwin Lemert and the Labeling Theory, career criminals are often created by our juvenile justice system and by our society and their labeling of juveniles who have been convicted of committing a deviant act. These youngsters are often labeled as 'juvenile delinquents '. The Labeling, not the juvenile 's characteristics, can create a habitual offender. Labeling Theory Frank Tannenbaum, also known as the "Grandfather of the Labeling Theory", in 1938, wrote against popular beliefs that juvenile delinquents were different in many ways than…show more content…
The answers to the survey questions are harsher than expected: 0 Would you hire someone you recently saw in the local mug shots? The answers were in multiple choice formats and are as follows- no, probably not, probably, or yes. Of the persons surveyed, 26.7% responded 'no ', 53.3% responded 'probably not ', 20% responded 'probably ' and no one responded 'yes '. 0 Would you allow your teenager to date someone you recently saw in your local mug shots? With the same four choices for answers, 60% answered 'no '. 26.7% responded 'probably not ', 20% responded 'probably ', and no one answered 'yes '. 0 Would you feel comfortable walking next to someone you recently seen in the local mug shots? Having the same answering options as the above questions, 6.7% answered 'no ', 13.3% answered 'probably not ', 66.7% responded with 'probably ' and 13.3% answered 'yes '. The above numbers show how negatively people are thought of after an encounter with the law, regardless of guilt or innocence. This must be apparent to the person being labeled silently by those in his/her community, the treatment received may have a major impact on his/her self-image and they may accept this view as true and will be accepted by others in the same situation. Felons, by definition, are those people who have been convicted of a "serious crime". These convictions can be of many things from conspiracy to

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