Labelling And Models Of Disability

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Ideology is “an organised system of ideas and beliefs concerning the political, social and cultural views of an individual or group” (Pierson and Thomas 2002: 232). This thus makes it important for social workers to study as it underpins the professional conduct during an intervention. For example, while assessing a service user with a disability, the belief system is likely to influence how you view the person. The individual can be perceived as a cheat of the system or as a victim of structural oppression in the society. There are issues when it comes to defining disability however this essay will focus on two important aspect labelling and models of disability. Labelling disability has been within the practice of schools and medical…show more content…
Lastly, I will discuss how ideology will inform my practice as a social worker while working in an anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive manner. Disability is a concept that has been developed by a range of people with different structure thus influencing how people with disability are perceived; either as individuals who are oppressed by the structure of the society or lazy people in the society. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in the 1980s proposed the definition of four concepts; disability, complaint, impairment and handicap. These ideas are linked to individual experience. Complaint is said to link up to an impairment which further could lead to a disability and handicap. However, Brethoud, Lakey and Mckay (1993:4) defines disability as suggested by WHO as “any restriction or lack resulting from an impairment of ability to carried out some activities or daily task in a manner considered normal for a human being”. Impairment then refers to “any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function” (Brethoud, Lakey and Mckay 1993:4). This definition of disability emphasised on the individual as the one with the problem thus it employs the individualised model to describe this group of people. In order to provide assistance with individuals with disability during an assessment the social worker refer to the Section 29 of National Assistance Act 1948 which
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