Labelling And Models Of Disability

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Ideology is “an organised system of ideas and beliefs concerning the political, social and cultural views of an individual or group” (Pierson and Thomas 2002: 232). This thus makes it important for social workers to study as it underpins the professional conduct during an intervention. For example, while assessing a service user with a disability, the belief system is likely to influence how you view the person. The individual can be perceived as a cheat of the system or as a victim of structural oppression in the society.

There are issues when it comes to defining disability however this essay will focus on two important aspect labelling and models of disability. Labelling disability has been within the practice of schools and medical institutions for years. In the past people with disability have been described by their physical and mental state by terms like handicapped, crippled. This essay will explore the labelling of individuals with disabilities. The fundamentals models in disability used in the UK are social and medical model. These two models are used by professionals in schools, hospitals and social work when assessing individuals with disability. The purpose of this essay will look at the impact and limitations of the social and medical model on disability within schools. This will highlight how these groups of people are discriminated against and how the government has tried to eradicate this problem by introducing laws to make everyone equal the DD Act 1995…

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