Labels Essay

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Luckily, some people choose what they want to be labeled as, but the majority who are still trying to find themselves always get labeled by others surrounding them. Personally, I get labeled with a countless number of different labels, some are good and some are bad even sometimes they contradict one another, but that had only taught me one thing, which is people will always talk and judge no matter what you do. Therefore, I’ve been trying to find my label I can say that I’m a hard worker and a dream chaser, because when I want something I work hard for it and I put all my effort into it, and dreaming in my opinion is a map to success. Words often express people, but only some words can tell you about a person’s interests and what draws…show more content…
Without any doubt, support is something everyone needs to achieve their life goals, that’s is why you see people heading to places where support is provided. Needing support is a common problem in our society, most of the time, people can’t even find support at their homes between their family members, that’s why you see them running away to go somewhere that provides them a supportive environment. Thankfully, I find my support at home where I know everyone surrounding me wants what’s best for me and would never discourage me from doing something beneficial, In addition to the school teachers and friends who provide me with support in school and most of the time the environment of Hamilton where everyone wants to be successful pushes me to become the best I could, that’s why I like to keep myself in those circles and avoid other places where I could possibly be discouraged and even pushed to be someone I don’t want to be a
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