Labor And Delivery Pathophysiology

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Labor and Delivery Pathophysiology
Ashley Keyser
Tarleton State University
Nursing 3302
Diana Kunce-Collins RNC-MNN
January 24, 2015

Labor and Delivery Pathophysiology
Definition: The physiologic process during which the fetus, membranes, umbilical cord, and placenta are expelled from the uterus. (Medscape 2014)
Etiology: According to research, the exact cause of labor has yet to be discovered. Labor normally starts when the fetus is mature enough to adjust easily to extra uterine life but before it grows so large that vaginal birth is impossible. Natural labor begins when forces favoring continuation of pregnancy are offset by forces favoring its end. (Murray 2014)
Pathogenesis: There are signs a woman will experience when
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Intermittent contractions allow relaxation of the uterine muscle and resumption of blood flow to and from the placenta. The upper two thirds of the uterus contracts actively to push the fetus down. While the upper portion is pushing, the lower third of the uterus and cervix remain passive, promoting downward passage of the fetus. The uterine muscle in the upper portion of the uterus remains short with each contraction, while the lower portion becomes longer. This action
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