Labor Market : An Effective Employee Selection Process

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Labor Market One of the most crucial elements of a successful or productive organization is an effective employee selection process. The significance of this process emanates from the fact that how workers carry out their jobs plays a crucial role in determining the level and extent of success of an organization. Due to the significance of an employee selection process, organizations draw candidates for open positions from the labor market. Actually, top-performing or successful organizations draw candidates from approximately 60 percent of the labor market. This trend includes sourcing for passive candidates who would prefer to remain contented with their present job. Moreover, organizations will relatively low or poor performance draws candidates from nearly 40 percent of the labor market and active workforce. An example of a top-performing organization that draws candidates from the labor market is Wal-Mart. The labor market plays a crucial role in employee selection with regards to having a population with the necessary qualifications for working in various organizations. Assessment of the Labor Market As previously mentioned, Wal-Mart is an example of a top-performing organization in the United States that draws candidates from the labor market. Generally, the main objective of Wal-Mart’s employee selection strategy and process is to show consistency, enhance efficiency, and ensure adherence with the law regardless of the location of its stores. Some of the
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