Labor Movement Of The United States

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Labor Resistance Throughout American history, many cultures have come to the United States in search of a better life. Some cultural groups were brought here as indentured servants. In many cases these different cultural groups have been separated from main stream culture, and have been exploited for labor. Many of these people have become naturalized citizens, but were not subjected to the same equality of the dominant Anglo Saxon race. Some individuals from these cultures began families, and even though their children were born as American citizens, they were still treated as alien. A comparison and contrast between four such cultures, African American, Asian American, Native American, and Mexican American will demonstrate the oppression that these groups faced in terms of labor and how they reacted. The Chinese and African people began to see a shift in how they were used for labor or what type of labor they did. Due to the dwindling white indentured servants in Virginia, and an increased demand for tobacco, Africans became a key source for labor for plantation owners. (Sweet, 2004) During this time, punishment for Africans began to show more severity. Another trend showed how plantation owners valued African workers over the white workers. This value however, was demonstrated by much higher work quotas as well as longer times of required service. These trends humiliate the Africans into enslavement. Slaves’ resistance to slavery came in many forms. Resistance is
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