Labor Problems In Sweatshops

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Sweatshops have been controversial throughout many years but often neglected by the United States. Factories that fail to offer their employees living wages and fair working conditions can be considered sweatshops. Multinational corporations are using third-world countries to create a product at low wages for long hours under extreme conditions. Children that are under the age of thirteen are involved in child labor in developing countries. Thousands of children work in sweatshops to assist their families. Child labor interferes with their ability to attend schools. Workers that make products in foreign countries are shipped to the United States to create a more substantial profit. Today, people are not aware of working conditions in developing countries; people are suffering from health issues from hours of hard labor. The conditions are often dangerous. “The gazebo factory, for instance, had no secondary exits, no guarding on machines, no first aid supplies, no eye protection--the list kept going” (Frank). Not to mention, poverty has a significant impact on the sweatshops; people are willing to work dirt cheap in dangerous environments to take care of their family. Employees in sweatshops are forced to work in harsh working conditions; individuals are experiencing health issues from working long hours, while manufacturing products under minimum wage, in developing countries employment of children, is also involved. Therefore, laws must be passed to fix these conditions.
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