Labor Relations And Collective Bargaining

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Labor Relations
Collective Bargaining
It is stated that the objective of Labor Relations is derived from the employment relationship. With any relationship, there must be a balance. Without balance the relationship will be hindered. To maintain this balance of an employment relationship we focus on the objectives of Labor Relations. These include efficiency, equity and voice. Efficiency is the productive use of resources, equity involves the fair treatment of employees and voice helps integrate employees into having an input for decisions made within their work environment. Seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, employers and employees tend to have different goals. “Conceptually we can think of these clashes as conflicts between
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In the article the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) bargaining for various aspects to their contract. This included additional hiring of pupil services, counselors and new teacher for extreme poverty and needy elementary schools. “A lot of people consider teacher union contract negotiations to be about narrower issues like salaries, benefits, and work rules—and all of those are important and we deal with those—but we’re using these agreements to expand what the union goes to the table for” (Cohen, 2016). Even with this representation of collective bargaining in practice, we should still be cognizant of the mandatory bargaining items. “Mandatory bargaining items are wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment…” (Budd, 2013 p. 245). Some examples of these mandatory components include such items as wage reductions or increases, seniority provisions, work schedules and vacations etc. After reviewing my wife’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as a braille specialist in a public school, I understood in more detail the nature of the mandatory bargaining items. Some of the components that stood out while reading this agreement was seniority provisions and work schedules. These are tied to the mandatory items of conditions and hours of employment. When my wife first told me about her position and the fact that she was only on a 1 year contract with the possibility of losing her job to another
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